Engineering Consulting

Style and CAS

We operate in a CAS environment on class A and B style surfaces as part of the feasibility and development of style projects for vehicle interiors and exteriors.


We collaborate with different manufacturers, aiding out clients in the development of different projects with the supply of specialist turnkey services.


We are able to develop and document injection moulds for plastics using CAD and standard tools in the manufacturing industry (CATIA, UG, ProE).

Lifecycle Management

CAD data exchange to follow tool evolution. CAD Automation to make the most of the possibilities offered by cutting-edge modelling software. BOM and management.

Following these operating methods, which have always been an outstanding feature of our business,

we have worked with large- and medium-size firms:


taking part in or managing jobs for bodywork, interior and exterior finishes, powertrains and vehicle chassis mechanics, from feasibility to product engineering, and on to two-dimensional detailing. We are able to supervise the path toward internationalisation of the Italian motor vehicle industry, with premises in North America, China and numerous European countries.


 specifically, with remodelling and retrofitting work for previous models. We have played a substantial role in jobs for the structures and parts of civil and military aircraft, as well as in the development of assembly equipment. Our staff have also operated in the field of supports for warming covers on satellites and flight control subsystems for aircraft.


 with the development of overall and detailed designs and tables for modelling carriages, whether for structure or finishing. With the management of modelling and libraries of normalised sector designs  in different CAD environments. We can also bring to the table the many decades of Satiz TPM’s experience in the technical and standards documentation sector for rolling stock and systems.


with design support for major engine parts, including engine blocks, cylinder heads, and casing; as well as service, supply and engine compartment component parts. We have professional expertise of the highest level in the field of pressure casting and casting, aluminium and steel. We have also worked on projects in the field of gear systems, from controls through to the box itself.


by modelling the subgroup units in industrial automation and production machinery sector for specialist areas, including heavy machinery for mining. On the other end of the spectrum we have also been working for some time with manufacturers and developments of office machinery, supporting the development of mechanics for the passage of paper and aesthetic envelope parts.


 We support the development of hardware boards, electronic components and packaging for the vehicle electronics sector, for aircraft parts and to supplement the mechanical activities in the machinery area. In this field, our professional seniority exceeds 30 years and extends to cover the areas of testing and prototype support.